Workhorse Black Professional Grade Microfiber Towel, 16" x 16" (Rubber/Plastic/Vinyl - 3 Pack)

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Why Buy This Product?

  • Premium soft scratch free microfiber towel
  • Perfect for cleaning, detailing, and wiping filthy grimy car parts
  • Lifts and traps dirt and debris for a scratch-free shine
  • Versatile 16’’ x 16’’ size for any detailing job
  • Quickly removes grease, grime, oil, dirt, mud, brake dust, and more
  • Made with ultra soft 70/30 microfiber


About These Towels

The Chemical Guys Black Workhorse Microfiber Towels are perfect for cleaning and dressing wheels, tires, engine bays, and filthy undercarriage parts. The premium towels are made with super soft 70/30 blend microfiber for scratch-free wiping on any metal, painted, or plastic surface. This blend stays soft through dozens of wash and dry cycles, and resists scratches and swirls on automobile wheels, brush guards, running rails, footboards, carbon fiber valve covers, exhaust systems, undercarriage panels, tires, and more. The plush square towel easily folds into fours for efficient use of every inch of the cloth. Black Workhorse Towels pick up and trap dirt, grease, and debris, and easily remove any premium Chemical Guys cleaner, waterless wash, wax, detail spray, or sealant. Remove contamination from grimy paint and carbon fiber body panels to reveal a lustrous shiny surface. The distinct black towels stand out against all other Workhorse Towels to avoid any confusion and cross contamination between areas with heavy abrasive dirt and other sensitive parts. This separation of towels helps prevent dreaded swirls and scratches caused by washing and drying with the wrong towel. Workhorse Towels now come in versatile 16’’ x 16’’ sizes and jumbo XL 24’’ x 16’’ for extra large and complex jobs around any vehicle. Save all other premium towels for fine paint and leather, and choose Black Workhorse Towels to detail the filthy and grimy areas of any vehicle.

Premium Scratch-Free Microfiber Towels

Quality microfiber towels are one of the most important detailing tools for any car because it is what touches the car the most often. Using cheap towels increases the risk of causing swirls and scratches on paintwork, and using the same towels across every area of the car increases the odds of cross-contamination. Using a grimy towel on leather can permanently stain the surface; rubbing windows with a paint towel that has wax residue can leave streaks on the glass; wiping paint with a wheel towel can scratch it with the embedded brake dust stuck in the fibers. Use specific towels for the filthiest car parts to avoid cross-contamination with any other areas. Black Workhorse Microfiber Towels are perfect to use on wheels, tires, undercarriage parts, engine bays, and exhaust systems. The distinct black cloth stands out against the rest of the Workhorse line of towels and applicator pads, and makes it easy to use the correct pad for the dirtier areas on any vehicle. Clean oil spills and leaking coolant under the hood and stuck-on mud and tar from rocker panels with Black Workhorse Towels. Wipe off excess tire shine or dressing from tires and bumper trim after a full detail for a distinct crisp look. Take care to wash towels separately as well to avoid cross-contamination while the debris is removed from deep within the microfiber fabric. Choose Black Workhorse Microfiber Towels to clean and detail the filthiest areas of any vehicle, and save all the other premium Workhorse Microfiber Towels for more delicate tasks.

Part Of The Workhorse Lineup

Cross-contamination between paintwork, wheels, leather, and glass can ruin a detail job in one swipe: grease from a tire can stain leather seats; wax from paintwork can streak glass; dressings and creams from plastic and leather can leave spots on paint. The Chemical Guys Workhorse Microfiber Line covers towels and applicator pads for every area of the automobile. Use the premium microfiber towels to clean exterior and interior vehicle areas, engine bays, wheels and tires, undercarriages, leather upholstery, metal parts, and more. Use the right towel for the right area, and avoid cross-contamination between sensitive leather and fabric interiors and greasy exterior surfaces. Now choose the right applicator pad for the corresponding area! Use Green Workhorse Applicators for exterior paintwork, plastic body panels, and carbon fiber trim pieces. The Yellow pad is perfect for dressing interior plastics and vinyl upholstery. Use blue applicators to coat and seal windows against water spots and contamination. Gray Workhorse Applicator Pads are perfect for coating metal parts like chrome bumpers, polished aluminum trim, and any type of painted or polished wheel. Choose Tan Workhorse Pads to spread premium leather creams on sensitive leather upholstery. Keep plastics and rubber pieces like bumper trim and tires deep black and shiny with the Black Workhorse Applicator Pad. Choose the right tool for the job with the Workhorse Lineup of towels and applicator pads.

  • Green: Paint
  • Blue: Glass
  • Yellow: Interior carpets, fabric, and upholstery
  • Tan: Leather and Vinyl
  • Gray: Wheels, rims, polished metals, bumpers
  • Black: Engine bays, tires, rubber/plastic/vinyl trim pieces 

    Keep Your Towels Clean And Soft

    Clean and soft microfiber is crucial to preventing scratches on paint. Use Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash to keep your microfiber towels clean, soft, and absorbent! 
    To wash and dry microfiber goods:

    • Separate microfiber towels by type into designated wash & dry loads.
      • Keep grimy towels separate from cleaner paint towels!
      • Start by washing “cleaner” towels first, then finish with “grimier” towels.
    • Machine wash microfiber goods with Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash and HOT water.
      • Hot water opens the fibers to better release dirt and grease.
      • Do not use fabric softener: fabric softeners clog microfiber and render them unabsorbent and useless.
    • Machine dry microfiber goods on LOW heat.
      • High heat cooks fibers, makes them hard, and then they can scratch paint.
      • Do not use fabric softener dryer sheets: fabric softeners clog microfiber and render them non-absorbent and useless.